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There are many ways that you can bring your compassion and love to work for cats and kittens in our region. There are a lot of wonderful, loving people who have skills and ideas to offer our growing community 


We are looking for volunteers to fill a number of very important roles:

  • Cat Companions - to come to our rescue centre and just spend time with cats. Talk to them, sing to them, read them a story, or just be present for them. Help keep enclosures clean, and cats engaged and happy.

  • Foster homes - to take in cats and kittens and help them 'socialize', to learn to trust humans and appreciate being cared for.

  • Handy/crafty people - to help us build and make things for the rescue centre and fostered cats and feral colonies.

  • Committee members - do you have some time and expertise, or great ideas to contribute to help us with fundraising, volunteer recruitment/retention, animal care, feral colony management? We'd love to hear from you!



We are always in need of a number of things to keep the cats in our care fed and cared for. We accept donations of canned and dry food, cat litter (we use biodegradable wood pellets!), toys, bedding supplies, clean straw, coolers, and other things that we will request from our community from time to time.

There is also a need for a constant level of cash donations to help keep the bills paid, cover veterinary expenses, and other costs that come up along the way. Donations can be sent via e-transfer to, or to our gofundme page. See link below.

In Person

1028 Paint Lake Rd., 

Dorset Ontario

(by appointment)

By Phone

(705) 854-0827


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