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The Cats of Paint Lake

Dorset, Ontario, Canada



The Cats of Paint Lake was founded to address the growing problem of stray and feral cats in the Dorset/Lake of Bays and Algonquin Highlands region, as well as surrounding areas in Muskoka, Haliburton and beyond. Our goal is to remove cats from the feral reproductive cycle, to rehabilitate and rehome as many as possible, and to provide safe places, food and proper veterinary care to all the cats we take in.

We're taking inventory of the cats in and around Dorset, expanding outward from there into Muskoka and the Haliburton Highlands. We are asking our whole community to be on the lookout for stray cats, and report your sightings to us.


Do you feed cats at your home, cottage or business? Do you ever see tracks in the snow or in your garden?


Please let us know so we can begin to map the colonies of cats that are out there. Once we know where the are, we can get trapping them, have them all spayed or neutered, get them proper veterinary care, and assess their needs.

Report a Cat

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